Béal & Blanckaert deliver new offices in Lille

The firm Béal & Blanckaert architectes urbanistes recently delivered new offices in Lille’s burgeoning district of Lomme-EuraTechnologies. This project is located around the edges of the water garden in the ZAC (joint development zone) Rives de la Haute Deûle. It... View Article

The key to sustainable inner strength? It’s no mystery

Comprehensive Tyvek® & AirGuard® systems create a robust, airtight and energy-efficient building envelope… inside and out Tyvek® has always been a star performer, but now it comes with a complete cast of supporting players to enable easy installation, robust protection... View Article

People and partnerships

The world leader in the production and distribution of slate, CUPA PIZARRAS prides itself on building positive relationships with clients. Creative collaboration and communication are integral parts of CUPA PIZARRAS’ success, and People and Partnerships is the latest video that showcases... View Article

Screening with a difference at British Film Institute

Continuity has been taken to new lengths at the British Film Institute’s latest screening. The screening is actually the architectural louvres concealing and ventilating plant on top of the redeveloped BFI Southbank bar and restaurant, designed by the project architects... View Article

Seamless surfacing for pathways at Battersea Park

Over 800m² of Addagrips Terrabase Classic Resin Bound porous surfacing was installed to rejuvenate the pathways in Battersea Park on the banks of the River Thames, London. Addagrip was contacted by the client Barhale Ltd regarding the resurfacing of existing... View Article

Individual design ‘off the shelf’

Straightforward solutions with unrivalled system safety Whatever the project, new build or renovation, there are truly no limits when it comes to wedi’s diverse product range. From shower elements specifically designed for use in suspended timber floors through shower trays... View Article

Armstrong’s Ultima+ range has a new Finesse

New fully-concealed edge to Ultima+ mineral tile range combines form with function. To meet the growing trend for monolithic ceilings as well as sustainable interior solutions, Armstrong Ceilings has enhanced its popular Ultima+ range with a new fully-concealed ceiling system... View Article

Safe to touch heating

LST – low surface temperature – radiators are key where there is a need to meet NHS Guidance for ‘Safe Hot Water and surface temperature’ – in hospitals, care and nursing homes, as well as sheltered housing, schools and nurseries... View Article

The importance of green building

Across the world, more developers are waking up to the significant benefits of green building. This is a big deal, as the construction sector has rarely been renowned for its green fingers. Indeed, it’s been estimated that the globe’s buildings... View Article

The changing hotel construction industry

Hotels have changed drastically over the last few decades and customer expectation and experience has altered radically, a driving factor behind the adapting physical construction and building architecture. These changes are also due to the size of the global market... View Article