Green-tech Appoints new Managing Director

Landscape supplier Green-tech has announced the appointment of a new Managing Director. Kris Nellist takes over from former owner and Managing Director Rachel Kay on Monday 1st November 2021. Green-tech was founded in 1994 by Richard and Rachel Kay but... View Article

Building confidence in IoT

Dane Ralston of iOpt explores how housing professionals can utilise the Internet of Things (IoT), and how to overcome the barriers to its adoption. When discussing the barriers to making the Internet of Things (IoT) a ‘business as usual’ tool... View Article

Enhancing intercom access

LISTEN HERE 🔊 Melissa Lloyd-Williams of Intratone explores how access control technology can enhance building accessibility. Accessibility continues to be an important issue for housing professionals. Affordable housing and private property managers alike, help tenants – with a wide variety... View Article

Letter perfect

Richard Morris of UAP discusses the security and safety implications of letter plate specification. Much of our correspondence may be paperless these days, but homes still need a letterplate where letters, circulars and newspapers can be posted. Located prominently on... View Article

Intelligent temperature monitoring

Richard Braid of Cistermiser and Keraflo discusses the pivotal role that Intelligent Temperature Monitoring Units (TMUs) are now playing in the water management arena. Lockdowns across the UK have posed a demanding challenge for us all, but it is now... View Article

Paint – more than just aesthetics

LISTEN HERE 🔊 Dawn Scott of Dulux Trade explains why painting and decorating is the ideal way to keep maintenance costs down while boosting the wellbeing of tenants. The effect that colour has on an individual’s mood has been recognised and... View Article

The future of living

LISTEN HERE 🔊 HOMES UK is returning to the London Excel on 23-24th of November 2021, intended to provide a safe and timely opportunity for the housing sector to collaborate and plan for a post-Pandemic future. From discussing how to... View Article

Pendock casing solutions – the art of concealment

Over the past 30 years, the Pendock name has become a byword for decorative architectural casings, with countless projects using its ‘Radius’ column casings and ‘Linea’ building linings ranges to conceal structural components and building services, while also improving aesthetics.... View Article

SterlingOSB Zero, the multi-use panel product

West Fraser’s SterlingOSB Zero or ‘Sterlingboard’, as it is often known, is one of Europe’s most widely used and trusted structural panels. This should come as no surprise to anyone that has employed this incredibly versatile, strong and ‘green’ product;... View Article