Hadley Group returning to Futurebuild 2020

Hadley Group, the global cold-rolled steel manufacturer, looks forward to returning to Futurebuild 2020 as an Innovation Partner of the show, with a stand on the new Innovation Trail and a Hadley Group Bar. New for 2020 is Futurebuild’s Innovation... View Article

Enhance the bathroom experience with a Pressalit toilet seat

When it comes to the bathroom, there’s nothing quite as important as comfort. With award-winning Scandinavian design, toilet seats from Pressalit are the perfect addition to any bathroom. Manufactured with advanced engineering in Pressalit’s own factory in Denmark, this is... View Article

London Bridge – is it now built to last?

If only steel bridges had been around in Roman times. Maybe then London Bridge wouldn’t have had to be replaced so many times. The Romans built the first bridge with wood. This bridge was rebuilt many times between 1077 and... View Article

Why choose an aluminium fencing system

One of the most attractive fencing materials available today is aluminium, it is lightweight, easy to work and is non-ferric so will not oxidise or rust. Importantly, it is 100 per cent recyclable and virtually maintenance free unlike some other... View Article