UK’s largest cross-laminated timber residential structure

The project will provide significant residential capacity with 121 units over 12,500 sqm, and over 3,460 sqm of commercial space.

For the architects Waugh Thistleton, CLT engineers Ramboll and developer Regal Homes, the most exciting aspect of the project is the sheer size of the structure and its completion without the use of thousands of cubic metres of concrete.

In total, Ramboll’s CLT experts have calculated that the building will save 2,400 tonnes of carbon, compared to an equivalent block with a concrete frame. By using CLT construction, the embodied carbon is 2.5 times less than that of an equivalent concrete frame. Taking into account that timber stores carbon by absorbing carbon dioxide (CO²) from the atmosphere, which is also known as ‘sequestered carbon’, the structure can definitively be considered as ‘carbon negative’.

Upholding its material integrity, Dalston Lane’s external, party and core walls, floors and stairs will be made entirely of CLT.

Project Location