Foam Dome

vPPR Architects have designed a spectacular pavilion from bubble foam for the Kitchen and Bathroom Hub 2014. Focusing on the theme of cleanliness, the use of white lather references luxurious bubble baths and indulgent purifying spa experiences, drawing people towards the ephemeral vitreous envelope of the hub.

Composed of soap, water and air, the foam creates a sculptural, utopian dreamland constructed from a lightweight white mesh dome from which foam is continuously emitted, creating a frothy, interactive breathing membrane. The magical interior will feature specially adapted Turkish Ceramics products, as well as piles of soft white towels and reclining chairs to reinforce the indulgent spa-aesthetic.

The idea builds upon a current cultural interest in foams – from the philosophical writings of Peter Sloterdijk, to culinary experiments by Heston Blumenthal and the foaming artworks of Michel Blazy. Highly memorable, eye-catching and playful, visitors are invited to dip in.

Project Location