White Papers – from Building Regulations updates to Water Efficiency

Bringing our readers unique, high-value content has always been a key objective of netMAGmedia and that’s why we regularly survey our readership on topics that we know are fuelling debate. From the Building Regulations updates to water efficiency, our findings are discussed in in-depth white papers and circulated to readers to develop better knowledge, understanding and working practices.

Launched in 2020 netMAGmedia research intends to understand its readers as thoroughly as possible, and to inform them further about the topics most important to them. Our survey findings are captured in sponsored White Papers and circulated among our audiences to develop specific market knowledge across all our brands.

You can download and review these studies by clicking the links below. If there are other areas you feel we should cover then please get in touch by emailing our Publisher, Anthony Parker – aparker(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)netmagmedia.co.uk

A New Era of Energy Efficient Buildings

The upgrades to Parts L and F of the Building Regulations include a 31% cut in new homes’ carbon; our Industry Viewfinder gauges architects’ response, including on the new Part… More information

The Decarbonisation of Social Housing

The UK’s housing stock is arguably the oldest and most inefficient in Europe. However, 80% of the housing we will need by 2050 already exists. This means that a retrofit… More information

Design for SuDS

Our Design for SuDs Industry Viewfinder reveals architects’ views and experiences of Sustainable Urban Drainage System including design approaches, client engagement, and solutions used… More information

Solving the Housing Crisis with Offsite Construction

Revisiting the key area of offsite construction for tackling the industry challenges, this Industry Viewfinder reveals how perceptions and approaches have changed since 2021… More information

Revisiting the Approach to Fire Safety in Social Housing

Fire Safety is of the utmost importance, and housing fires are preventable more often than not. Despite this, fires in UK housing are no thing of the past – with… More information

Approaches to Water Efficiency in New Homes

Investigating how housebuilders are approaching current water efficiency standards, their views on those standards, and how product solutions are helping… More information

Committing to a Low Carbon Journey

In April 2022 we surveyed our self-builder readership to discover how many of them were pursuing a ‘low carbon’ build, and what their challenges have been along the way… More information

A Year On: Revisiting Changes to Part F & Part L

Discovering housebuilders awareness of (and approaches to) the updated Part L, Part F & Part O have improved a year on from their inception and the answers they need… More information