What Is System Scaffolding and What Are Its Advantages

Whether you’re building a high rise, a staircase, a small home, or a sprawling mall, scaffolding structures that support construction workers and help them reach higher and harder to reach spots are an integral part of building and repairing structures. A good scaffolding procedure ensures a safer and faster construction process. There are different types of scaffolds that can be used in the construction industry, including system scaffolding. System scaffolding is one of the popular and versatile styles of scaffolding with a number of advantages. Let’s take a look.

What Is System Scaffolding? 

System scaffolding is modular-style scaffolding consisting of horizontal and vertical components called standards and pre-engineered joints. The standards are built to be able to withstand the weight of the scaffolding, while the joints strengthen the rigidity of this system. A reputed scaffolding company such as the Brogan Group offers a number of standardised system scaffolding options for faster and reliable construction. The company is headquartered in the UK and operates in three other countries besides. The building contractor offers system scaffolding for both small and large projects.

Advantages of System Scaffolding

System scaffolding has a huge number of advantages. 

Easy to Install

System scaffolds consist in large part of fewer, pre-arranged components. This makes assembling the scaffold much faster and easier to install. System scaffolding includes various lengths and types of components, which makes it easier to customise the scaffold to the job at hand. These components are also much lighter than the average scaffold, making it easier for construction operators to assemble the scaffold with far less fatigue.

Strong & Reliable 

System scaffolding is built to withstand weight and pressure. The standards and pre-made joints are built to a consistent, high quality using tried and tested materials. These materials can range from heavy, high-strength galvanised steel for taller structures to lighter scaffolds for smaller construction jobs.


System scaffolding is a flexible system of various components that can be easily assembled for a variety of different construction jobs, from complex structures such as office buildings and retail units to smaller, individual homes. The system of standardised components allows for several permutations and combinations to suit a project. 

Safe & Secure

Since system scaffolding allows for standardised, pre-engineered components that are well-tested for the weight and pressure they can carry, this type of scaffolding is extremely safe and durable. Additionally, the joints further strengthen the scaffold. This type of scaffolding also ensures a flush finish, so there are no protruding tubes that can physically hurt the people working at the construction site. The fewer and pre-arranged components also mean there are fewer parts lying around the construction site, leading to far less of the clutter that can trip up workers as they go about their day. 

System scaffolding has many benefits over other types of scaffolding. It can lead to faster completion and easier construction. No wonder then this style of scaffolding is increasing in popularity around the world.