Ventilated aluminium wall cladding for data centres

More and more companies are turning to external computing power for their business. Instead of in-house servers, they rent from data centres, large buildings with lots of servers. These are both more efficient and more secure in processing and storing data. To protect the servers from overheating and maintaining the architectural integrity of the building and its surroundings, ventilated aluminium wall cladding is the perfect solution to finish of these big structures.

Heat control for optimal performance

The large computing capacity of the numerous servers also results in a large amount of heat generation. To keep the servers functioning properly, adequate cooling is crucial. These critical buildings are therefore equipped with sufficient industrial air conditioners. To conceal these air conditioners from view in a stylish way while ensuring a sufficient supply of fresh air to enable cooling, a perforated aluminium façade is a smart choice. Moreover the ventilation through the façade already vents hot air away from the equipment, reducing the need for active cooling and saving on the energy bill.

With years of expertise in this field, Renson is already a partner in the development of new data centres worldwide. “We combine quality and aesthetics in our sustainable cladding systems”, says Martin Daniels, Sales Manager UK for Renson. “They consist of only high-quality materials. For installation, our R&D team developed a user-friendly and versatile fastening system. To this we add, as usual, strong service with great commitment. In that way, we achieve impressive results, in close cooperation with project partners.”

Horizontal cladding system

For over 115 years Renson has been invested in creating healthy spaces. Amongst other solutions this resulted in a multipurpose aluminium wall cladding range. Linius is the horizontal cladding system, that perfectly suits the everyday challenges of data centres. Martin Daniels explains: “Linius combines a high level of quality with functionality and durability, for both newbuild and renovation projects. The fixation elements of the profiles are invisibly concealed for a sleek result. That’s how you get a contemporary look and an interesting range of benefits.”

The horizontal aluminium Linius cladding forms a new facade, around the outer shell of the data centre. This solution has been an established feature of Renson’s range for many years and has been used in a wide variety of industrial and commercial projects. With feedback from installers and users in the field, Renson optimized and further developed the louvres. After all, the practical test is still the most valuable check. “We like to think along with you on specific projects. Extra acoustic damping to safeguard the environment or partial deliveries for smooth execution? Including Linius doors, generating Revit drawings or working out cassette systems for dismountable facades? Our team of experts is at your disposal.”

Demountable façades are the future

Server technology is evolving at lightning speed. When building data centres, companies are already thinking about how to replace servers quickly and efficiently in the short term. A fully demountable façade makes this complex process much faster, simpler and safer.

From a deep-rooted sense of innovation, Renson’s CSI department develops and tests new Linius concepts to provide a ready-made answer to this challenge. Meanwhile, the Linius cassettes already proved to be a good solution for building this kind of demountable façade. “Together, we look confidently to the future and anticipate today. With and for our partners”, Martin says confidently.

Tailor-made with short lead times

Linius slats are carefully manufactured in Renson’s modern production department. With sufficient capacity and clout, processing large orders – for cladding impressive data centres, for example – is no problem at all. This means on-time delivery with trusted high product quality and strong service – before, during and after installation. The in-house production is the biggest catalyst for unbridled possibilities in conceptualising and designing buildings.

The wide range of blades ensures that there is always a suitable type available. The various supports also allow for many construction possibilities. Thanks to this extensive range, large spans, for example, pose no problem at all. A combination of slats (including acoustic or water-repellent types), supports, and integrated doors consistently provides a customized solution. With the existing Linius product range, we already succeed in offering targeted configurations today. However, our R&D department closely monitors trends to continue addressing current and future challenges.

The all-aluminium Linius systems receive a powder coating in a RAL colour of your choice. This finish contributes to the appearance of the data centre. Tap into the brand colours of the company, keep it simple or add some vibrant colour accents. Because a utility building doesn’t have to be boring. “For an architect, Linius wall cladding is a big playground. It’s a toolbox full of possibilities to match and enforce creative ideas. No matter what the project of the future use of a building is: together we take it to the next level”, Sales Manager Martin Daniels concludes.