Unitherm – Bringing heat pumps to the UK…

There’s a new company that is taking heat pumps very seriously, supplying the very best in heat pump technology whilst vitally offering all the training that installers need to help meet the huge requirement for training there will be in the UK if we are to meet Government targets for the numbers of new air source heat pumps by 2028.

Unitherm has already grown into a well-respected leader in renewable heating systems in Ireland where air source heat pumps have taken off in a big way, similar to their popularity in mainland Europe. It has launched its UK operation from impressive new premises in Exeter and it will be basing its activities on working closely with LG and its popular Therma V air to water heat pump range as it has in Ireland.

With the UK Government’s plans for renewable heating – a target to install 600,000 heat pumps by 2028 – the timing was right for Unitherm to move into the UK marketplace.

Unitherm offers a complete support package from quality training, design and commissioning to the supply of renewable heating systems and underfloor heating (UFH). As the heat pump marketplace continues to grow, demand for quality training by installers will rise exponentially to meet the growing demand. Unitherm sees it as their role to train people so they are 100% prepared and competent to install heat pumps properly.

Unitherm has amassed an experienced team with technical, installation, sales and project management skills to share with candidates in providing a fully supportive experience. The LCL Awards Training Centre offers accredited training courses as well as manufacturers training courses to develop the skills needed to understand and install heat pumps to a satisfactory standard. The fees for manufacturers courses undertaken will be credited back to the installers for use against future Unitherm purchases.

Unitherm currently supplies and designs full renewable heating systems to include heat pumps, UFH and radiators. Other associated products will be brought online over the coming months to add to the already extensive product portfolio.

To find out more about Unitherm Heating Systems in the UK and to sign up for training courses head for www.unitherm.co.uk or call 01392 979450.