Toward safe and independent showering

Specialised for the demands of acute and mental healthcare, Horne’s range of robust pre-plumbed shower panels and grab rails are similarly appropriate for settings such as extra care, aged and dementia care, rehabilitation, accessible and Changing Places facilities.

Supplying the healthcare market since its origins in 1909, and inventing the thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) in the early 1920s, 110+ years on, the delivery of safe and comfortable warm water remains the central feature of Horne’s range of TMVs, taps and shower panels.

Shower safety, however, is not limited to the accurate and reliable temperature control afforded by the integral Type 3 (healthcare approved) TSV1 thermostatic shower valve.  Ease of use through enhanced inclusive design can narrow the gap between assisted and independent showering for vulnerable users.

The design brief required Low Torque on the flow and temperature controls, for exceptional ease of adjustment, whilst the control levers also assist users with limited hand mobility.

The shower controls can be easily differentiated, aiding users with limited sight; On-Off – a single, ¼ turn lever with black markings; temperature control – a 360° rotation, moulded dual-lever with opposing red and blue arrows for hot and cold.

The shower riser rail doubles as a robust and supportive grab rail (max. load 150 Kgf) and is available in white/grey or orange/grey (particularly helpful for age and dementia-related colour and contrast vision deficiencies).  Matching supportive grab rails (600mm) for wall mounting are also available.

Inclusive design is implicit in the slider mechanism and it is exceptionally easy to release (inspired by fishing reel technology) and slide to a new position.  Shorter or wheelchair users can also benefit from the dangling ‘release extender’ that enables easy lowering of a high set shower handset.  The handset within its holder can also be easily adjusted for spray angle and direction, using only a clenched fist.

All these features narrow the gap between assisted and independent showering.  Other important safety aspects for enhanced health and well-being include:

  • Enclosed pre-plumbed panel protects user from the high surface temperature of the hot water supply pipe
  • Easy clean shower panel, controls, hose and handset aids infection control
  • Flow regulator in shower head governs the flow – preventing an overwhelming, and potentially frightening deluge, whilst also preventing wastage of previously heated warm water
  • High velocity flushing facility, used regularly, improves water quality by removing biofilm from internal pipe surfaces and removing to drain – reducing risk of respiratory infections such as Legionella Pneumophila and Nontuberculous Mycobactera
  • Optional integral In-line Thermal Disinfection Unit (ILTDU) – allows for regular thermal disinfection of the shower valve and downstream fittings; specifically designed and patented for the management of retrograde pathogens such as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

All these features enable greater safety, health and well-being, independence and dignity for less able users in a variety of residential care settings and accessible public amenities.