The summer interior trends to look out for

The way you dress and decorate your property can completely transform your space; from subtle changes of colour to a brand-new sofa, every season boasts an entirely new set of colour pallets, textures and styles that can truly showcase your living space in the best way. As we begin to embrace the summer months, it’s time to consider what trends are going to be big this year, giving you some extra inspiration.

Should you mix and match certain colours? Will leather sofas still be relevant? Matthew Firth, the Managing Director at Granville Developments, has been keeping tabs on what trends are emerging this summer. He provides his pick of the bunch to help you plan your next interior makeover.

1. Nature overhaul

Bringing the outside in has become an eternally growing trend in the property business. One element in particular is the use of house plants; not only do they create a fresh smell and natural aesthetic, but they also help to create a homely feel that brings about a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Plants add colour and vibrancy to any home and what’s even better is that they don’t cost huge amounts. Depending on the style and size, you’re able to decorate your home with a natural theme on a budget.

2. Feature walls

Feature walls have transformed in recent years. Typically, feature walls would be painted in a vibrant colour, drastically different from the other walls, standing out like a sore thumb. We’re now starting to move towards more classic feature walls, consisting of personal collections, cabinets, collected art or rare items being hung up.

These walls are becoming showstoppers, with many homeowners putting large amounts of effort in to create something spectacular.

3. Mustard

Single colours can be hard to choose. We’re often worried about whether they’ll keep for long periods of time, or if we’ve just missed the trend and now feel behind. Dark colours primarily fall into this category as we often see a chop and change. Lighter colours on the other hand are here to stay and this year mustard has seen a big leap forward.

Paired with a dark navy, mustard creates a signature look in your home. As a modern twist on pastel yellow tones, small mustard pillows or large feature walls grab attention and will leave your guests in awe when they see your new look.

4. Contemporary fireplaces

Fireplaces have always been a traditional feature and whilst we love their authentic look and the feel of a log fire burning, modern electric fireplaces are becoming more popular. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the contemporary fireplace is a centerpiece for any lounge or dining hall.

Whether your home is of a Victorian style or brings forward a modern look with marble, the fireplace can fit perfectly.

5. Grand lighting

Grand lighting is becoming more and more popular as we enter a new era of bulb and light designs. Hanging over a dining table or standing over a grand hall, chandeliers are statement pieces of art that leave you breathless.

With modern twists now coming into the frame, a trend to look out for this summer is a combination of both traditionalism and modern functionality. Whether that’s from a smart hub or changing LED lights, this unique crossover is not one to be missed.

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