The importance of having your drains checked regularly

When you use the sinks, toilets, or showers in your home, the water has to go somewhere. It’s carried away from the property through your drains, something that’s often overlooked but which can cause serious problems if not appropriately maintained.

No homeowner should have to worry about their drains betraying them at any point, which is why it’s essential to have a professional look at them regularly. Doing so could prevent these three issues from developing.

Cracked Or Burst Pipes

For your drains to do their job effectively, it’s important that they don’t develop any cracks. After all, this can lead to water escaping, which isn’t good news for your property.

The cause of such cracks can differ, with age being a contributing factor, as well as external elements like tree roots or shifting earth. They can also come about if there’s an issue with the drainage and pressure is building up inside the pipe. Should this be allowed to develop too much, the drain could burst, which would leave you with quite an expensive mess to fix.

Getting your pipes looked at regularly can prevent that outcome from happening. Even if cracks have already developed, by trying these solutions, you should still be able to avoid a drainage disaster.

Bad Smells

This might not seem like a serious issue, but if you had to deal with your home smelling terrible all the time, you’d probably think differently.

It’s not difficult for drains to develop a foul odour quickly, and once this gets inside your property, it’s not a pleasant thing to live with. If you have your drains seen to regularly, though, such smells won’t be a problem. You can just call on experts like Drain Detectives, who provide high-quality drainage services in London, to deal with whatever’s causing the aroma. It might be a blockage, cracks, or potentially even rats. No matter the issue, they’re trained to fix it so that your home can go back to smelling fresh.


Should a drain start leaking, it could spell significant trouble for your property. The constant saturation of the ground could cause it to become unstable, potentially leading to subsidence. This is not an issue you want to be dealing with because the cost of fixing it can be a fortune.

By having your drains checked and cleaned regularly, you can ensure that this worst-case scenario never happens. If you’re reluctant to do this, then at the very least, you should have them investigated if you notice any of these warning signs. This could make all the difference between whether or not your house falls into the ground.

Your drains might not be something you see much of in your home, but the role they play is a pivotal one. If they get damaged, it could leave you with quite the repair bill. Don’t let yourself get into that situation. Have your drains seen to regularly, and then you won’t have to worry about a burst pipe making you broke.