SureSet UK Ltd introduces a revolutionary machine

SureSet UK Ltd have introduced a revolutionary machine for batching resin that removes tons of plastic waste from the resin bound paving installation process.

Traditionally, each batch of resin bound requires two plastic buckets to hold the two part resin formula and once used the buckets have to be specially disposed of. The Resin batching machine SureSet have developed takes resin straight from an IBC source and pumps it directly into the mixer meaning for approximately every 3m² of resin bound installed 2 plastic buckets are saved.

The digital pump offers increased accuracy in resin batch weights meaning every installation SureSet complete with the machine will have the optimum durability and consistency, which is back up by SureSets 21 year Guarantee.

For more information and a short video on SureSets resin batching technology please take a look at our blog:

If you would like to discuss using this revolutionary technology on a your own projects please contact us at mail(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) or call 0800 612 2083.