Stunning jetty finished with Osmo UK

After installing a jetty to provide safe access to his boat, a marine enthusiast was looking for a product that would protect the wooden decking from the elements whilst also enhancing its natural grain. Painter and decorator, Robert Moore of R.F.M Painting & Decorating Services was contracted for the project and Osmo UK Decking-Oil was chosen to provide a high-quality and professional finish.

The boat is moored at the exterior of a suburban home and can be easily reached via the wooden jetty. As it is constantly exposed to the elements, the finish needed to be able to protect the wooden surface from water damage and cosmetic wear and tear. Impressed by the ease of use of Osmo UK finishes, Rob recommended Decking-Oil for this project:

“I’ve used Osmo in many of my previous projects and it doesn’t disappoint. Decking-Oil is extremely durable, and my clients regularly comment on the high-quality of the product.”

As the decking was brand new, it did not need a lot of preparation. The wooden decking was wiped down to remove any excess debris or dust, which ensures even coverage and distribution. Decking-Oil was then applied by a soft brush, with 24 hours between each coat to allow for adequate drying time. The finish has enhanced the wood’s natural characteristics and provided protection for many years to come.

Designed to protect, maintain and enhance the wooden surface, Decking-Oil produces a smooth satin finish which is water and dirt resistant. The microporous finish consists of natural vegetable oils and waxes which allows the wood to breathe, reducing the risk of swelling and shrinkage over time. The professional nature of the finish means that it will not crack, flake, peel or blister providing the homeowner with peace of mind that his jetty will continue to look its best.

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