Stunning FINish from Metalline

Working in close co-operation with the building envelope and facade contractor Colorminium, Metalline have produced a range of bespoke 3D twisted fins that will when complete take centre stage on the exterior of the redeveloped Minories Hotel in the City of London.

This stunning feature was the brainchild of ACME architects who in collaboration with The Murphy Façade studio have designed a series of full storey aluminium fins that clad the existing precast frame and create a bridge between that and the unitised glazing.

Fabricated offsite at Metalline’s state of the art manufacturing facility in Cannock, these 42 metre height fins were produced in 3.5 metre lengths with a depth of over 800mm.

Manufactured in two parts, each element was assembled using a combination of aluminium stud welding and bonding techniques developed by Metalline. The fins were then fitted to the glazed panels using an aluminium bracket support system to ensure structural integrity.

Finished in dark and light bronze PPC to mimic an anodised effect, the fins will create shading for the hotel’s occupants as well as an iconic architectural vista for this stand out landmark project.