‘Staycation’ customers create their own summer landscape

With more people than ever choosing to holiday at home, leading online builders’ merchant Drainage Superstore has seen an increase in demand for its landscaping products as customers make the most of their own outdoor spaces.

The company can reveal its top five selling products from its recently expanded range of landscaping and gardening products, with the most popular choices including both traditional favourites and a few more modern additions.

Following on from the trend that first emerged at the start of the lockdown restrictions, Drainage Superstore is continuing to see a huge demand for summerhouses as people look to extend their living, working and socialising space by expanding into the garden. The Shire Alnwick Shiplap Summerhouse is one of the Superstore’s most popular products thanks to its spacious design and in-built veranda which gives plenty of shelter from the often unpredictable British weather.

With gardens becoming a hub of activity and a preferred place to socialise with family and friends, products such as the Shire Pent Garden Bar have really captured the imagination.  Providing a useful storage space with the added benefit of a sturdy bar, this is one of Drainage Superstore’s bestselling garden and landscaping products and as people have become hardier when it comes to socialising outdoors in cooler weather, it’s expected to remain a firm favourite.

Taking pride in keeping gardens, patios and driveways clean and tidy has also seen a sharp increase in the sale of pressure washers, with the Karcher HDS 6/12 C Hot Water Steam Pressure Washer proving to be a popular investment. Easy to use and efficient to run, this particular pressure washer can be used for both smaller DIY projects and larger professional trade jobs and can help keep outdoor spaces looking clean and fresh all year round.

As well as cleaning equipment, Drainage Superstore has also seen a rise in the number of customers looking for more innovative ways to keep on top of the gardening.  With the need to avoid the risks of working at height from ladders and the general wear and tear on knees and backs from working down low, sales of gardening aides have soared and the Fiskars PowerGear telescopic tree pruner  has become another of the store’s biggest selling products.

As well as enjoying the great outdoors, many customers are also keen to protect it and this growing awareness of sustainability has led to an increase in sales of water butts.  The Harcostar Grey water butt kit has become one of the summer’s biggest sellers as customers look to save and reuse rain water to quench the thirst of garden plants and reduce potentially expensive water bills. The growing popularity of water butts has led Drainage Superstore to increase the choice within its own range, with customers able to choose from a variety of different designs, colours and sizes to suit their own personal taste and outdoor space.

Commenting, Julie Ann Lloyd, from Drainage Superstore said:

“Gardening has always been a popular pastime but increasingly, people are looking to make more significant, long-term improvements to their outdoor areas. The last 18 months or so have changed the way people feel about their homes and whereas the biggest selling products over the Spring and Summer months have been those that have helped improve the look and feel of the outdoor spaces, as the seasons change, we’re expecting to see an increase in products that will help protect against the weather.”

“People are investing more time and money than ever before in their gardens, which is why our landscaping range includes solutions for both DIY customers and professional trade contractors, with plenty of help and advice for projects both large and small.”

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