Spiralling down the piste

When it comes to lockdown projects, the Love family take some beating. Over the past year, they have worked on the renovation of a 1970s ski chalet, both inside and out, completed with a stunning squarial staircase from British Spirals & Castings.

Chalet Marmotte is situated in the popular La Plagne region of France. Its refurbishment was a labour of love for owners, Julie and Rich. Virtually every aspect of the chalet has been given a facelift and the family worked tirelessly with local tradesmen to overcome the challenges posed by COVID and keep the project on schedule.

A key aspect of the refurbishment was the removal of the huge stone fireplace at the centre of the living space. To open this up, the plans called for a much more compact staircase which could pass two floors. After some research, they discovered the squarial staircase design from British Spirals & Castings. This features treads which can be cut to fit precisely within an opening, maximising the available tread area.

Using measurements supplied by the contractors, British Spirals & Castings developed bespoke CAD plans for the staircase. The design features thick, solid oak treads and long metal balusters which run from the treads to the floor and ceiling, providing both safety and a stunning, modern aesthetic. As with all British Spirals & Castings pieces, it was manufactured here in the UK by their skilled craftspeople.

The staircase now sits with pride within the living space of the fully refurbished Chalet Marmotte which is now open for bookings through the Lovely Chalet Company.

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