SIEGENIA focuses on ventilation as part of their wellness initiative

Smart, single-unit ventilation systems lead SIEGENIA’s suite of “room comfort” solutions, which also include sliding door hardware and locks, aimed at providing a more comfortable, healthier indoor environment for end users.

Wellness has been a growing topic in design circles, and SIEGENIA saw this trend early launching its room comfort strategy back in 2015. Since then significant focus in this respect has been placed on their range of ventilation solutions. With modern building shells becoming increasingly airtight and more and more conforming to Passivhaus standards, they no longer let humid air out naturally and, depending on its use, up to 8 litres of water can be produced daily in a single room. The integration of a quality ventilation system can prevent mould formation and subsequent building damage and therefore have a positive impact on the end user’s well-being, as well as on the value of the property, the air quality and the building’s structural integrity.

SIEGENIA has developed its large suite of AERO products, which provide a healthy indoor environment and suit various design demands. Their decentralised window and wall-mounted ventilators combine high air throughput, sound absorption and energy efficiency with smart technology, with most products having a version which pairs to the SIEGENIA Comfort app.

The AEROPAC is their most popular ventilator in the UK. Since its launch in 2006 it has been used in numerous airport projects across the UK and Europe as part of clean air schemes for local residents. The wall-mounted ventilator has an air throughput of up to 180 m³/h and with an inherent noise of only 20 dB(A) at 60 m³/h is really quiet. This and the high sound absorption value of up to 50 dB make it an ideal solution for bedrooms.

There has also been a new product added to their range: The AEROVITAL ambience. As well as offering all of the health benefits of standard ventilators, this high-end unit can also provide over 85 per cent heat recovery and integrated CO2 and VOC sensors which regulate the air flow rate depending on the air quality. It further impresses due to its contemporary, flat design and the option of partial recessing in the wall and, like the AEROPAC, has very little inherent noise while providing sound absorption of up to 58 dB. Both products can also be fitted with NOx filters to keep out nitrogen oxide particles from exhaust fumes as well as fine dust and pollen; a coup for allergy sufferers and those living in polluted areas.

SIEGENIA’s ventilation range is designed to work together with their suite of window, door and sliding door hardware and smart home devices to enhance the user’s wellbeing. For instance window drives and ventilators can be connected to a SENSOAIR air quality sensor so that they automatically open when the air quality drops below a healthy level. Alternatively window, door and sliding door drives can be monitored and controlled via an app for peace of mind.

As part of their room comfort initiative, the company has also recently redesigned their website focusing more on the features and holistic benefits of their window, door and comfort systems. Among the new website’s features is a “room comfort test”, which assesses what topics are most important to the user and recommends products accordingly. Thus end user comfort and convenience have been placed at the heart of their offering, giving credence to their mission statement to “bring spaces to life and give people a sense of well-being”.

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