SIEGENIA adds window vents to suite of ventilation solutions

Alongside their single-room, wall-mounted units, SIEGENIA has recently brought two new window vents to the market which can be used as part of your ventilation strategy: the AEROMAT flex and AEROMAT VT WRG. 

Traditionally SIEGENIA has sold single-room, wall-mounted ventilation units, such as the AEROPAC, and SRHR units like their AEROTUBE WRG in the UK. But the German hardware and ventilation solutions provider now includes window vents amongst their product range available for sale here. 

The AEROMAT flex trickle vent is based on a cleverly patented design that enables it to be fitted over the window frame prior to installation, therefore removing the need to route holes through the frame itself. This means that the burglar resistance and sound absorption levels of the windows remain unaffected. In the AEROMAT flex HY and HY 3F versions, the amount of air they let in is automatically regulated by the humidity in the room.

The AEROMAT VT WRG is an active window ventilator whereby the amount of supply air can be controlled via a 3-stage centrifugal fan. This unit offers heat recovery to minimise heat losses. This works by way of an exchanger which uses the heat from the stale air to warm up the fresh air that is brought in. The unit also has the option of sensor integration for automatic VOC and CO2 control. 

Like their wall-mounted ventilation units, SIEGENIA’s window vents have the benefits of simple installation, as opposed to whole-house ducted systems or routed-in trickle vents, as well as high sound absorption rates.

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