SFS Highfix handles challenges of PV install on low pitch roofs

SFS Group Fastening Technology Ltd has drawn on its expertise in the field of fall protection to offer specifiers a foolproof and cost-effective solution to mounting photo-voltaic (PV) systems on flat or low-pitched roofs.  Importantly the Highfix product not only features the manufacturer’s tried and trusted SOTER®II Horizontal Lifeline System base plate but is fully adaptable to a variety of roof constructions.

As set out in a very visual installation guide https://uk.sfs.com/knowledge-hub/resource-downloads these include reinforced concrete decks, composites, standing seam systems, all the popular types of trapezoidal roof profiles and even green roofs and historic buildings. The installation work is recommended to be undertaken by an experienced roofing contractor, drilling down into the deck to use the appropriate fixing, such as concrete screws, stainless steel gravity toggles, chemical resin anchors or special rivets; but specifiers and building owners can be reassured that each base plate is rendered weatherproof as soon as it is secured in place.

The Highfix range was originally launched with a choice of either 30mm or 50mm diameter supports, but this has now been extended to include the 100 mm alternative, while the corrosion resistant base plates are also available in several formats, including with a PVC coated version.

Product Manager Scott Kelly commented:

“We have been able to design the Highfix support product to interface with the same multi-hole SOTER II base plate we use for our fall protection systems. And because of the engineering that went into ensuring it can withstand high, dynamic loads, it means the supports for solar panels can be spaced further apart; therefore, requiring fewer components and bringing down the total cost across a project.

“Also, importantly, the multi-hole base plate has been designed so that the fixings will align perfectly with the crowns covering the majority of the roofing profiles currently used in the UK. This means they are likely to be the right fit for the majority of retrofit projects. Then the Highfix support is designed to connect directly with typical PV bracketry.”

As well as documents for the product SFS Group Fastening Technology Ltd is able to provide specifiers with full details on the technical standards the Highfix system complies with, as well as its suitability for different, project specific applications. Thanks to the fixing specialist’s long experience of working with Roofing OEMs, the Highfix system also carries approvals from the UK’s leading membrane manufacturers.

For further information, call 0330 0555888 or visit https://uk.sfs.com/