Scotland’s newest secondary school utilises innovative Metal Technology’s innovative designs

Metal Technology recently delivered its specialist architectural aluminium systems for use at Bertha Park High School in Perth, which is set to become one of the most advanced schools in the UK and beyond due investment into innovative technologies.

The significant education project selected Metal Technology’s systems in order to meet the security, thermal, and airtight design requirements, as well as the desired ventilation strategy.

The state-of-the-art facility, which has been designed to accommodate up to 1,100 students, perfectly showcases Metal Technology’s striking full height System 17 curtain walling façade, as well as a range of other specialist products.

In order to fulfil the specific needs for structural integrity and comply with thermal enhancement needs, Metal Technology’s System 4-35Hi Windows and System 5-20D Doors were included in the construction. Its System 23 Louvres were also utilised in order to create the desired aesthetics whilst also providing sophisticated light, as well as natural ventilation.

As Bertha Park High School is a newly constructed establishment, rather than a refurbishment, there were no restrictions on the design of this key project. This allowed for the use of Metal Technology’s specialist products, which expertly combine aesthetic with function.

All Metal Technology systems are designed to perform seamlessly together to deliver the desired aesthetic and performance standards. Used individually or together, they offer complete design flexibility for creative aesthetics with the assurance of value engineered structural, weather and security performance.

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