Safe Resin Paving Provides Endless Design Prospects

Rubber resin bound paving delivers a magnificent and stable surface, that provides Architects, Designers, and Councils with great design flexibility.

The leading manufacturers of resin bound paving ‘SureSet’, offer an extremely wide colour palette for their EPDM surfacing called PlayBound. You can select from a range of colours, which provide almost limitless design possibilities.  From vibrant shades of red to blue the rubber based resin bound range can be combined with the resin bound stone of more mellow hues of natural golden brown and subtle grey natural aggregates, providing the answer to almost any design challenge.

This wide range of colours and textures allows schemes either to blend in with surrounding materials or to provide a sharp contrast – the final solution depending on the creative vision of the designer. Resin bound paving has proved to be the perfect design solution for an extensive range of projects across the world.  From schools, medical centres, sports grounds and hospitals, the product has brought life and colour to landscape schemes of all shapes, sizes, and complexity.

Used mainly for commercial applications, the rubber crumb surfacing gives designers the opportunity to create detailed designs within the surface.  Whether this be a corporate logo, a welcome message to visitors or a school emblem, the material can be used to create a perfect, representation of virtually any focus, providing a unique design signature to any project.

Performance is not sacrificed for the sake of design, this playful paving provides a safe surface which will offer virtually no maintenance.  Resistant to oil, UV-light and frost damage, the integrity of the resin bound surface remains intact, preventing stones from becoming loose and weeds from growing through.

Manufacturers, such as SureSet are also able to offer technical and design advice and if required, can produce specific colours to match particular project requirements.

For larger more intricate areas, most Suppliers have their own professional, skilled Installation Teams.  Giving you peace of mind that everything needed to complete a perfect job will be done.  Contact the suppliers directly to gain specifications, quotations and check available time to install.