Roofing trends of the future

While a roof’s primary function is to provide shelter, the trends of each century and now each decade can be chartered by the roof. From the pitch to the colour, the gables to the materials used.

In the 90s there was a real boom in property programmes as people became more obsessed with their homes than previous generations, and the property market saw increasing house prices. Today, our love of home improvement is stronger than ever, with many of us scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest to discover the latest trends. But it isn’t just our interiors that are getting makeovers, our roofs are too.

Metal roofing – Metal roofing may have been around for decades, but it’s having something of a revival. No longer reserved for barns or industrial buildings, metal roofing now comes in a wide variety of styles and colours and looks great when added to a modern extension on a traditional property.

Metal roofing also lasts much longer than other roofing options, and also reflects the sun’s UV rays, helping your home stay cooler during the summer months, but also adding extra insulation in colder ones.

Grey tiles – Gone are the terracotta tiles in favour of the colour du jour. Just as interiors have gone grey, with colours like Drop Cloth and Elephant’s Breath becoming firm favourites in Good Housekeeping, grey slate tiles are all the rage. And when paired with a white render, a once tired looking inter-war property is given a new lease of life.

To complete the look, windows with a grey surround create a thoroughly modern aesthetic.

Roof windows – Thanks to companies like VELUX, and their cutting edge window technology, roof windows can transform a home. Not only do skylights allow extra light into once dark rooms, but the addition of feature windows can drastically alter the whole look of the home.

Large kitchen extensions with bifold doors and roof lights have become a must-have on people’s wish-list when looking for properties. In fact, it’s estimated that a new kitchen will improve the value of your property by around six per cent, so splashing out on that bespoke domed window might well be worth it.

Green roofing – As the UK’s net zero target of 2050 draws closer, eco-friendly roofs are becoming a more popular alternative to traditional roof materials. This type of roof is incredibly unique because it’s a live roof, covered with soil and certain kinds of vegetation.

Not only does it add a unique aesthetic to your home, but it can positively impact the environment by creating a natural habitat and it will even lower your electricity bill by adding insulation to your home.