Quality replacement heating controls

ESi’s ESRTP4 model provides true seven day, 5/2 day or 24-hour programming options, with up to six time and temperature events being available each day. Because these are also available in wireless versions, they can be installed anywhere in the home.

ESi’s new RTP5 and RTP5 Wifi units along with the very latest RTP6 ‘Touch’ units are worth a closer look for those looking for the top end technology options.

But for people who prefer a control dial to push button controls to control changes to heat in a room – and there are still a lot that do – the ESi Electronic Room Thermostats offer the simple answer they are looking for. Available with or without an LCD display, the homeowner simply has to turn the dial to the desired temperature.

You can take a closer look at ESi’s offering at www.esicontrols.co.uk.