Norcros Adhesives supports its customers with new Rock-Tite ‘How to’ video


Norcros Adhesives has introduced a new ‘How to’ video to support its Rock-Tite product.

Norcros Rock-Tite Exterior Porcelain & Stone System is a 3-part product for fixing 20mm external porcelain and stone tiles, which are currently growing in popularity. The Rock-Tite system comprises a Primer, a Mortar and a Brush-In Grout. The system is designed for use by landscapers and garden designers, as well as tile fixers and self-builders, and capitalises on a key trend in the tiling market currently. This is where internal tiled space is being extended to terrace or patio areas outside a building, as a lifestyle trend.

The video uses both animations and footage shot on location to demonstrate clearly how straightforward the product is to use. It takes the viewer through the three simple steps to achieve a great result using Norcros Rock-Tite – Prime It, Bed It and Grout It.

One of the main benefits of the Norcros system is that it is easy to use by a DIY enthusiast, landscaper or general builder, who may not have specialist tile fixing experience. The video is part of the company’s commitment to provide ongoing support for all its customers, increasing their product knowledge and encouraging correct usage.

Along with Norcros Adhesives’ other How To Videos, Animated Videos, Top Tips and CPD Videos, this latest one is available to watch on the company’s YouTube channel at: