Non-combustible adjustable pedestal for roof terrace and decking areas

Bauder has expanded their pedestal support system range by launching a non-combustible pedestal to complement the other non-combustible roofing products. There is also a new adjustable pedestal system available for an extensive variety of terrace and decking options.

The Bauder Non-Combustible (NC) Pedestal is manufactured from aluminium. It is a light weight, non-combustible pedestal designed for use on a wide range of flat roofs to support paving, decking and grating. There is great demand for solutions on balconies and roof terraces where a non-combustible build up is required. This adjustable pedestal system can be laid at a variety of depths from 42mm to 77mm on a slope of up to 5 degrees. The pedestal has an integrated slope corrector which enables paving and decking to be laid where there is an uneven substrate or where ramps are required. The unit is also capable of absorbing 3 tonnes of load. The large spreader base plate feature ensures the product will not compromise the roof insulation or waterproofing membrane whilst spreading the load across the roof surface.

The non-combustible pedestal is the most advanced Class A1 fire-related pedestal on the market, meeting the current requirements for the roofing industry. Furthermore, the system has been tested with Bauder waterproofing systems to achieve BROOF t4. Additionally, the NC range has a suite of Class A fire-related accessories including spacer tabs, edge restraints and joist supports.

Alongside the Bauder NC Pedestal, the Bauder pedestal support system range offers the Slope Correcting Pedestal, and the new Bauder Adjustable Pedestal. Bauder’s pedestal range is designed to meet the exacting standards of finishing levels demanded by architects and clients when specifying open-jointed paving and decking finishes.

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