New Underfloor Swing Drive certified to IP 69

By constantly improving their products, record uk has achieved a new standard for underfloor drives with the new record C 127 X SU OFFSET – IP class 69 certified.

Designed to operate even under full load record’s C 127 X SU Offset underfloor automatic swing drive has been designed to operate even under full load and emit no more than a quiet hiss.

This invisible record drive is proven, powerful and noiseless and supports the design freedom of the discerning architect and specifier. The easy-to-maintain system is recessed into the floor – covered under the floor covering if required – and thus blends harmoniously into any doorway area.

More importantly, due to its strong and improved encapsulation against dirt and moisture according to protection class IP 69, rain, snow as well as washing liquid from floor cleaning machines does not affect the record C127X SU OFFSET, making it suitable for everyday use.

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