New staircase impact sound insulation system from Schöck

In the UK, Schöck is best known for its market leading Isokorb structural thermal break range (thermal insulation); but in Europe, insulating stairs and landings against impact sound (acoustic insulation) has also been a high priority. This is largely due to the differences in dwelling types.

In the UK only 14 per cent of the population have traditionally lived in apartments, whereas the average across the Euro area is 48 per cent and sometimes higher. However things are changing in the UK. Apartment living is dramatically on the rise, resulting in a marked increase in residential density. And in the interests of noise health protection, exisiting mandatory soundproofing standards are coming under ever-increasing scrutiny.

As a result, Schöck has developed an integrated impact sound insulation solution for all structural subsections on both straight and winding staircases Known as Tronsole, it is a system that combines dependable sound insulation with straightforward installation. Providing optimum standard-compliant soundproofing in apartment blocks and multi-use buildings. With conventional solutions, such as an unsecured individual elastomer support under the stairs, any displacement can result in a broken concrete edge due to incorrect support.

This means the risk of dirt and gravel getting into gaps between staircase and floor slab, which can easily reduce acoustic insulation performance by around 10 dB. Schöck Tronsole, by contrast, is a system that envelopes the entire staircase, totally minimising the risk of acoustic bridges. It consists of seven main product types that can be mixed and matched to form a fully integrated impact soundproof system either on-site, or in the prefabricating plant. It is suitable for emergency exits and complies with the requirements for fire resistance class R90 (subject to appropriate on-site additional reinforcement of the landing).