Multi-mode hybrid ventilation system for schools

Passivent’s Hybrid Plus2 Aircool® is a multi-mode ventilation system, boasting a contemporary, streamlined design. Suited to where a single-sided ventilation strategy is required, the system has been developed to meet the requirements of Building Bulletin 101, “Guidelines on ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schools”, BB93 “Acoustic design of schools – performance standards” and the Facilities Output Specification for Priority Schools Programme Phase 2.

The ventilator consists of three main components: the external weather louvre, the through-wall sleeve and the inner mixing unit, making it easy to specify and order, while ensuring a complete integrated system is supplied. It incorporates three modes of operation – mixing, cooling and passive – to suit varying internal CO2 and room temperature levels. Utilising controllable insulated dampers from Passivent’s Aircool range designed for use in external facades, the system is controlled by the Passivent iC8000 controller allowing for up to forty individual zones to be managed. Incorporating a variable speed fan, the unit is energy efficient and quiet yet able to deliver up to 150l/s of ventilation. Weather resistance and security are provided by the external weather louvre, even when the internal insulated louvre is open. One Hybrid Plus2 Aircool can effectively ventilate a room containing up to 16 occupants; adding a second unit will accommodate up to 32 people per room.

Made from robust lightweight ABS, the unit can be mounted below the ceiling or within the ceiling void with the inclusion of additional grilles and ducting. Its modular design makes it simple and fast to install. With no filters to replace, the system requires minimal maintenance; periodic cleaning to remove any dust is all that is required.

The Hybrid Plus2 Aircool can be used across a range of markets including education and commercial offices with higher internal heat gains. It can also be used for night cooling to reduce the risk of overheating.

Passivent offers a comprehensive technical design service including assistance with product selection and system design.

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