Mix and match with Keller’s Elba & Crystal models

Keller’s Elba and Crystal models are perfectly blended to create a beautiful and trendy kitchen mixing materials and textures.

These models give plenty of design opportunity so kitchens can truly reflect the homeowner’s personality. They can shake it up with bold or light tones with one of Keller’s 1,950 NCS colours on structured lacquer cabinets, such as Olive Green, and embrace the rustic rough oak cabinetry and build on this with matching oak shelving or an oak table.

The design is perfect for embellishing current trends; homeowners can embrace the industrial style by including dark coloured or metallic appliances into kitchen schemes, or incorporate the growing trend for bringing the outdoors in with kitchen plants and green cabinetry. Patterned tiles are also excellent additions as are splashbacks or statement walls.

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