Lighting up the kitchen

Today, the kitchen sees some of the most imaginative interior design ideas; no longer a utilitarian space, it shows off the personality of the homeowners and all sorts of activities happen there – cooking, chatting, schooling, washing the dog…..

Along with furniture, appliances and sink spaces, a good lighting plan is essential and can make or break the atmosphere of the room. Beautiful lighting ensures that the kitchen is the warm, beating heart of the home.

Keller Kitchens has an impressive portfolio of lighting options for perfecting the finishing touches of the kitchen. All Keller’s lighting is LED-based meaning the benefits don’t end with appearance; LED lighting is also energy efficient and sustainable.

Keller Kitchens’ internal side vertical lighting is an exciting development for kitchen illumination piquing the interest of retailers by offering beautiful results. These strips are recessed into the sides of the wall cabinets to create a unique focal point in the kitchen. Glass cabinets are one of today’s biggest kitchen trends and this lighting option is an ideal addition to enhancing their appeal.

Surface and recessed spotlights are also popular and Keller offers this option both for wall cabinets and base units. Keller’s dedication to choice and variety is evident in the options here with round and square designs available along with aluminium or black, touch dimmer or remote control. Glass cabinets can be finished with stainless steel look LED spots which are clicked onto the back of the glass shelf; the spotlight illuminates both upwards and downwards.

Lighting strips are another on-trend choice and these are being used more and more in exciting interior design. In Keller’s kitchens, they are mounted on the bottom of a wall cabinet for atmospheric light in a niche or on the worktop. The strips are custom-made and the tone of the light is adjustable from cool, blue white to warm, yellow white.

For homeowners looking for something really special, choosing a wall cabinet with a lighting base creates a stunning focal point in the kitchen. To create this effect, Keller finishes the bottom of the cabinet in frosted glass allowing bright white lighting to shine through. The bottom of the cabinet is then finished in frosted glass and provided with bright white lighting.

For those that prefer a handleless kitchen, a personal touch can be added with coloured handle trims. Available in no less than 1950 lacquer and five metallic colours, this design look is finished off perfectly with adjustable handle trim lighting.

To achieve the aesthetic appeal of extra lighting in the kitchen with added practical benefit, custom-made (pan) drawer lighting is ideal. Sensor switches on the lighting automatically when the drawer is opened for that extra touch of modern design.

Speaking with a Keller Kitchens specialist for more design inspiration and to get started with a bespoke plan for beautiful lighting in the kitchen.

Keller Kitchens uses the globally-recognised Natural Colour System (NCS) and has kitchen designs that are available in 1,950 NCS hues with numerous different finishes. These can then be painted or lacquered in silk gloss, high gloss and structured lacquer giving virtually unlimited design possibilities. A matt lacquer finish in the 1,950 NCS colours has also been launched. Keller Kitchens manufactures all products in its own factory to ensure that the quality of materials and parts are of the highest standard. All Keller kitchen furniture comes with a fully comprehensive five-year warranty.

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