Housing revolution vital to put People at the Heart of Care confirms White Paper

Today’s White Paper argues that a significantly expanded Integrated Retirement Community (IRC) sector must be at the heart of the new social care system and suggests that the Government is considering ARCO’s proposed Housing-with-Care Task Force.

The White Paper

  • Commits £300m towards specialist housing such as Integrated Retirement Communities
  • Commits to giving people a good range of alternative housing and support options such as Integrated Retirement Communities
  • Recognises the need for greater awareness of housing-with-care options such as Integrated Retirement Communities
  • Commits to making every decision about care a decision about housing
  • Commits to bringing UK provision of IRCs up to the levels of comparable countries, as ARCO has persistently called for.

These statements build on ARCO’s and our members’ calls to expand provision of specialist housing and care options for older people through Integrated Retirement Communities.

The Paper even goes so far as to clearly suggest that the long-promised Task Force is at the forefront of the Government’s thinking, referencing our call for the Task Force and stating that:

“We remain committed to working closely with stakeholders from across both private and social sectors to inform future cross-government action that will help stimulate a specialist housing market that delivers effectively for both consumers and providers across the country.

We will continue to work across government to explore options to support and incentivise market growth, including ways to give developers greater clarity, investors more confidence and provide consumers with the necessary protections.”

Michael Voges, Executive Director of ARCO said:

“Today must mark a turning point in how we support older people in the UK – the future of social care depends on expanding the provision of Integrated Retirement Communities.

This White Paper clearly recognises the key role which specialist housing such as Integrated Retirement Communities should play in our future social care system.

As a society we must aim to give every older person the choice to maintain their independence by moving into specialist housing offering care and support as they need it.

Today is a good first step. We are ready, now, to work with the Government to make this happen.”