Going with the flow – SikaCeram®-621 Flowfix Jointing Compound gets packaging makeover

Due to popular demand, Sika Everbuild has introduced a new alternative packaging design for its SikaCeram®-621 FlowFix Jointing Compound to make life easier for both merchants and trade.

SikaCeram®-621 FlowFix Jointing Compound is now available in sturdy 15kg buckets as well as bags, which will be easier for merchants to store and display outside. Trade customers will also benefit as it’ll be easier to transport and, because each bucket contains three separate 5kg sealed pouches, it doesn’t all have to be used at the same time, meaning it’s less wasteful.

The SikaCeram® FlowFix system is designed for use with porcelain tiles, and as the trend for installing patios using tiles rather than traditional stone flags takes hold, it is becoming a popular choice. Not only does it provide an effective, long-lasting solution but it’s also quick and easy to use.

Comprising SikaCeram®-62 FlowFix Bonding Primer and SikaCeram®-621 FlowFix Jointing Compound, the system has been formulated to provide excellent adhesion and an attractive, long-lasting non-permeable finish on both porcelain and ceramic paving tiles.

SikaCeram®-62 FlowFix Bonding Primer can be applied by brush or roller to the underside of the paving during installation to increase the bond strength between the paving slab and mortar bed. It’s ready to use when mixed with just water and is fully cured in 72 hours. Once installed, the porcelain paving tiles can be finished with SikaCeram®-621 FlowFix Jointing Compound, a controlled, cementitious flowable jointing grout. Suitable for joints between 3-10mm wide and 20mm in depth, it is simply poured on and worked into the joints using a squeegee and will cure in as little as 60 minutes, depending on site conditions.

It is available in Light Grey, Dark Grey, Buff and Ivory, giving customers the choice to coordinate or contrast with their chosen tiles.

To find out more about Sika Everbuild’s extensive range of products, please visit www.everbuild.co.uk or contact your local sales representative.