Give your home a boost through the power of green

Although we do not refer to the Hulk when it comes to green, there are many effective ways to boost your home’s interior and feel by using plants and flowers. Having a comfortable and relaxed interior starts with furniture. However, when it comes to the true look-and-feel, it is finished through the addition of art, accessories, and plants. Especially the latter is of importance because they can make your home feel alive and connected with nature. How to get started with selecting your plants?

Create a nice blend with your interior

Before selecting your plants, you need to take into account the furniture in your home. What is the style that you are expressing? Aiming for a more minimalistic look? In that case, you should choose very simple and minimalist plants. Having a more relaxed take on your home? Why not consider adding a small palm tree? By analysing your home in this approach, you can better understand it and choose the right plants that work for you.

Request help from an interior designer

If you want to make sure that your plants are aligned with your interior, you can also request help from an interior designer. They have experience with combining plants with furniture and set-ups of homes. If you do not want to spend too much money, you can also look up blogs online. Interior designers share tips and tricks on selecting the right plants through their blogs and social media. Especially the latter can help you get inspiration on combining plants with your interior.

Consider your appetite for gardening

When you select your plants, you need to make sure you select them based on your needs. Some plants require daily attention, whereas others only require you to take care of them on a bi-weekly basis. If you are not a gardening superstar, it makes sense to move away from selecting a Bonzai but select a sansevieria instead. Blogs and online plant websites help you to make such an informed decision through their experience with the plants.

Going online when it comes to your plant purchases

Garden centers are a thing of the past when it comes to buying plants. The new standard is to buy plants online. Why is this the case? On the Internet, you can find lots of information on the type of plant. For example, it comes with information on how to treat the plant, sometimes even accompanied by videos. Companies that provide the option to buy plants online also have applications that support you. These applications indicate when to water the plants, or when you need to change the soil. This makes taking care of your plants easier and more intuitive.


Leveraging a large online community

When you have purchased a plant, you can become part of an online community that shares tips and tricks on how to nurture them. Plant owners love to tell how they position the plant in their home and how to treat them. You can learn from their experiences and share yours as well!