Get the “low down” on the perfect office environment

As Britain returns to the office post-pandemic, AET Flexible Space has developed a new CPD presentation to help architects deliver on all the key drivers that affect commercial building design.

The educational module focusses on the concept of underfloor air conditioning – UfAC – widely employed across the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Asia), especially in other countries with similar climates to the UK. It covers the evolution of the system over the past 30+ years, how best to apply the principles of UfAC to the design of a building, both refurbishment and new build, and the numerous benefits of “going under floor” can bring.

Explains Karl Strauss, Head of Sales @ AET Flexible Space,

“Due to the pandemic, office design is in a state of flux. Spaces increasingly need to adapt to change. Indoor air quality and employee health & wellbeing are rising up the list of priorities. Regulations too are placing higher demands on building services, to deliver better performance, for less energy.

“The pandemic has shown we CAN adapt to change, and find better ways of doing things, a sentiment that is echoed throughout the CPD, when it comes to designing air conditioning systems. Ultimately, static, conventional air conditioning solutions will struggle to meet the needs of the occupier. It’s time the industry changes the way it thinks about how designing office spaces to deliver a sustainable answer for everyone involved- designer, developer, owner, occupier.”

AET Flexible Space is the global leader in, and undisputed authority on, UfAC, being the first company to take the system to market worldwide some 30 years ago. Its team has continued to develop and evolve the original system, to make best use of advances in product design, materials, Regulations and market forces.

The UfAC CPD can be booked by contacting AET Flexible Space:, Telephone 01342 310400.