Fusing headline performance with massive running cost savings

A new ventilation with heat recovery option can achieve performance better than anything else on the market, meaning massive savings on energy bills.

MFS-HR is the concept of the UK’s leading independent commercial air movement specialist, Gilberts Blackpool, who was instrumental in pioneering hybrid ventilation with its core MFS unit. The latest evolution achieves up to 75% heat recovery – significantly better than other similar type systems.

That outstanding performance means that for a typical school, energy bills could be cut dramatically by recovering heat that would otherwise be wasted, whilst ensuring an indoor air quality compliant, well-ventilated space.

Gilberts’ dynamic MFS-HR will become, the company believes, the ‘go-to’ solution for net zero building services design, especially in educational establishments.

The ventilation performance is compliant with BB101 and the DFE Output Specification. Further, it avoids overheating in the building, being TM52 comfort compliant. And it is quiet- meeting BB93 guidelines even for special educational needs.

How it works

A stand-alone unit installed at high level through the building façade, MFS-HR utilises natural air movement to provide airflow to cool in warmer months; a low energy fan boosts supply and exhaust when needed to maintain the temperature and indoor air quality (IAQ). In colder conditions, the exchanger extracts heat from the exhaust air.

The heat is transferred to the cooler incoming air via the exchanger. Separate chambers for supply and return air avoids the risk of cross contamination and ensures the incoming air is COVID safe. An external louvre simultaneously draws fresh air in and exhausts the used air: options include exposed (mounted in the room) or concealed (ducted above the ceiling); louvres either fitted into the brickwork, window frame or glazed into the window.

With its heat recovery capability, MFS-HR will provide up to 4kw heating and 2kw cooling capacity whilst still delivering high, compliant airflow rates of up to 378l/s. An optional additional LPHW coil can provide heating, potentially negating the capital expenditure, plant and running costs associated with a separate central heating system.

The MFS range attains air leakage better than legislative requirements – 3m3/HR/m², and a U value of less than 1W/m²/°C.

Being a stand-alone system, MFS-HR is ideal for new build or refurbishment/refit scenarios.

The combined benefits of Gilberts’ MFS-HR performance contribute towards low/zero carbon strategies, BREEAM and similar eco credentials.

Gilberts’ Sales Director Ian Rogers says:

“When we launched the original MFS, there was nothing else like it in terms of performance. MFS-HR will build on that, taking hybrid ventilation with heat recovery to new heights in the drive towards energy and carbon reduction, re-affirming Gilberts’ position as a technological leader.

“MFS-HR will play a pivotal role in helping reduce the energy we waste and make best use of our available resources. It stacks up, from sustainability and commercial aspects.”

Full details of MFS-HR, including technical and performance data, can be found here.

Founded over 60 years ago, Gilberts Blackpool is the UK’s leading independent air movement specialist, and is unique in its ability to develop both ‘mainstream’ and bespoke ventilation supply and extraction solutions entirely in-house, from initial design through tooling, production, testing and supply, from its 140,000 ft² of manufacturing facilities. Incorporating a state of the art test centre, designed and built in-house, which is one of the most technically advanced in the country.