Environmental milestone for Forbo Flooring Systems, as Marmoleum is confirmed to be carbon neutral, naturally

Forbo Flooring Systems has quantified the environmental impact of its 2.5mm Marmoleum, with an independent Environmental Product Declaration that confirms that it is manufactured as a carbon neutral floor covering.

As each season passes, we are becoming more aware of how global warming is affecting the way we live, such as the flash floods and the extreme heat waves we are experiencing. And although the UK Government has set climate change targets, in order to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint, these seem no longer to be enough to meet the goals outlined in the Paris climate agreement.

Mark Bauer, Environmental Specialist at Forbo Flooring Systems commented:

“We now all need to make more conscious decisions when it comes to specifying building and interiors materials; and manufacturers too must now make a commitment to do as much as possible to help their customers make responsible choices.”

“As a carbon neutral product, in the product stage of its life cycle, Marmoleum 2.5mm offers specifiers and contractors a unique opportunity to minimise the embodied carbon of the building.  Put simply, using Marmoleum 2.5mm on a 10,000sqm project, for example, could typically equate to a 66,200kg/CO2 saving, when compared to a PVC vinyl floor.”

The independent Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) documents the life cycle process of Marmoleum and shows that the CO2 produced in the extraction, transportation and manufacturing process of 2.5mm Marmoleum is balanced out by the removal of CO2 through the growing of its natural ingredients such as flax, jute and rosin tapped from pine trees.

The results of the EPD reinforces the many accolades Marmoleum already holds, such as Nature Plus, Blue Angel and the Nordic Swan for its sustainable character, as it is made from up to 98% natural raw materials (including linseed oil, rosin, wood flour, jute and limestone) making it one of the most sustainable floor coverings available on the market.

For more information please visit www.forbo-flooring.co.uk/CO2Neutral