Enhance the ambience of any residential or hospitality space with Sylvania’s New ToLEDo™ Mirage range

Sylvania has launched ToLEDo™ Mirage, an innovative and sophisticated new range of LED lamps. Designed to exude class and enhance ambience, the range is perfect for use in homes, restaurants, hotels, barsand heritage buildings.

The ToLEDo™ Mirage range boasts an innovative patented design and features a scratch and high temperature resistant golden-tinted glass envelope, replicating the optical effect of classic multi-filament incandescent lamps with a distinctly modern flair. Low power consumption and extended 25,000 hours lifetime combined with short payback period and minimal maintenance cost make ToLEDo™ Mirage the ideal decorative lighting alternative for traditional incandescent and halogen lamps.

Anuj Vaui, Senior Product Line Manager at Sylvania says:

“Homeowners in their own properties as well as guests in hotels, bars and restaurants, want and expect to feel comfortable and relaxed in their setting. The right lighting can create the ambience to ensure exactly that. However, it’s important that the design of the lamp itself is not overlooked.

“The Sylvania ToLEDo™ Mirage looks good whether it’s on or off and with a 125 lm output which creates a low-lit effect without glare, energy consumption is reduced without compromising on ambience or aesthetic. What’s more, the ToLEDo™ Mirage has been designed with a colour temperature of 2000K to emit a warm colour light as standard, creating a soft, relaxed and elegant atmosphere in any residential or hospitality space.”

The new range is available in eight different shapes (ST64, G120, G200, A165, T45, T60 and E115), comes with a three year warranty as standard and provides an omni-directional light distribution of 300°. These features enable customers to tailor their lighting to their application needs. Additionally, ToLEDo™ Mirage comes with an E27 base, requiring no installation for use with existing pendants.

For more information about Sylvania’s hospitality and residential ranges, please visit: www.sylvania-lighting.com/en-gb/applications.