Elegant floors from Bjelin grace a London home

Bjelin has made possible a tasteful renovation of a 1920s London home, using 90 sqm of VEJBY 3.0 XL flooring. The transformation of the house allowed the owners to realise their dream of bringing their love of Scandinavian design to the heart of England.

Bjelin hardened wood floors are made with oak, ash or walnut from sustainable sources of timber with FSC® certification. The unique Woodura® technology makes the manufacturing process much more efficient and environmentally friendly in terms of timber usage than traditional processes. Indeed only a tenth of the material normally used in hardwood flooring is required in the manufacture of Bjelin products.

From an aesthetic point of view, every Woodura Plank 3.0 is different, and the beauty of the natural woodgrain is maximised. It also creates a stronger and more durable surface with a hardness three times greater than a traditional solid wood floor.

On this project the flooring was chosen late in the process after the building plans had taken shape and the wall colours had been decided.

“We knew we wanted wooden floors,” explains Sandra, the owner. Following a visit to distributor V4’s showroom in Woking, she and her husband settled on Woodura Planks 3.0, because of their aesthetic and functional appeal, ease of installation and durability.

“My husband laid the floor himself, with the help of a friend who’s a carpenter, and they found it easy to install,” says Sandra. “Only the house’s age, with few straight lines, provided some challenges.”

VEJBY 3.0 XL in the Misty White colour offered the perfect combination of light wood beauty and practical maintenance, complementing the owners’ desire for a bright and airy atmosphere.

They find that the light-coloured, brushed surface is both attractive and also comfortable to walk on, creating a welcoming atmosphere in their home.

Bjelin Hardened Wood floors are customised for both the residential and the commercial sectors. The products are available in a full range of sizes, including Small panels, measuring 1170 x 151 x 9.2mm to fit easily into cars and vans, along with Medium panels of 2000 x 151 x 9.2mm, complementing the wide XL (2200 x 206mm) and XXL (2378 x 271mm) floor planks.