Dresser adds precision

Dresser Mouldings, one of the UK’s largest bespoke timber manufacturers specialising in quality, bespoke timber mouldings, is now offering Sansin Precision Coat factory finishes.

Sansin’s Precision Coat products have been developed to meet the demand for coatings that balance wood protection and performance along with stunning colour and aesthetics.

Backed by over 30 years of proven experience protecting large commercial, residential and mass timber wood buildings and structures, Sansin’s factory finishes deliver high performance and durability in low-VOC, water-borne formulas for modified, engineered and specialty woods.

Bill Gunn, Managing Director of Dresser Mouldings commented,

“This is a great fit for us and one which will add real value to our customers. Here at Dresser Mouldings we pride ourselves in having the largest selection of bespoke manufacturing for exterior timber substrates, backed by state-of-the-art technology, machinery and expertise. The addition of Sansin’s Precision Coat factory finishes combines both the beauty and protection of a class-leading product with the commitment to quality manufacturing and attention to detail for which Dresser Mouldings is known.”

Offered in a variety of stunning colours, Sansin’s Precision Coat factory finishes include; Precision Coat SDF for wood siding, cladding and decking; Precision Coat Foundation, a penetrating base coat that offers up to six months protection against weathering and UV during construction; Precision Coat ENS, a self-priming and tough, durable satin two-coat finish that can be applied to virtually any surface – from millwork to cladding and decks and Precision Coat Woodforce: A durable, water repellent wood treatment for exterior wood surfaces, Woodforce is designed to bring dimensional stability to wood by reducing moisture absorption up to 74 per cent during wetting periods.