Delivering certified and predictable performance

Architects are under increased pressure to design safer residential buildings, with greater certainty around programme schedules. Risk, cost, quality and performance, need to be assessed and controlled.

In response to these challenges, light steel frame specialist EOS – part of Etex New Ways, together with Group partners – Siniat, Promat and FSi – have invested considerable time and research in developing a range of non-combustible walling and flooring systems.

EOS are committed to technical excellence and understand the challenges faced by architects and through Etex Group, have some of the best fire experts in the UK on their team. Up until now there has been a lack of a systems-based approach to eradicate the pitfalls surrounding specification decisions. By eliminating uncertainty through rigorous testing regimes, EOS deliver light steel frame systems with certified and predictable performance.

Pioneering a new systems-based approach

Recently presented with Best External Product at the 2021 Housebuilder Product Awards, Thrubuild® is an all-in-one non-combustible certified system exploiting the latest products, technical know-how and manufacturing excellence of the combined team. Providing crucial safety, time and cost benefits, the Thrubuild® range has multiple loadbearing applications for low and medium rise developments and can be used for external or internal walls together with internal and separating floors.

In addition to the Thrubuild® loadbearing range, EOS has researched and developed Thruwall® – fully engineered custom-designed non-loadbearing infill systems manufactured offsite and supplied as a certified kit of parts that can be used with concrete and steel main frames.

Following the outstanding success of Thruwall®– EOS has taken factory prefabrication and preassembly to another level. Developed and rigorously tested, Pre-Assembled Frames (PAF) are an evolution of Thruwall® which are delivered to site as a unitised non-loadbearing infill system encapsulating light steel framing and external sheathing.

All components and products in the Thrubuild®, Thruwall® and Pre-Assembled Frames system range have been rigorously tested together for fire, acoustic, weathering, airtightness, durability and mechanical performance. Fire resistance periods of 60, 90 and 120 minutes are achievable. When walling and flooring systems are built with Etex Group components and materials, following a validation process — Etex award a 30-year warranty.

Offsite Expo

EOS are making a return to live events this year and the technical team will be out in force at Offsite Expo showcasing a pioneering systems approach with a two-storey feature build. Taking place on 21 and 22 September at the Coventry Building Society Arena, visitors to the show will be able to inspect their award-winning light steel frame systems range.

In addition, their technical team will be presenting in the following masterclasses on 22 September:

  • Fire Protection: 14.45-15.45 – Presented by Joshua Slack
  • Light Gauge Steel: 14.45-15.45 – Presented by Peter Burchill

To discover more about Thrubuild®, Thruwall® and Pre-Assembled Frames go to the EOS info centre: