Decorative column casings – Encasement’s perfect finish

Column casings are an important and widely used feature of contemporary building design. In addition to providing a practical method of concealing interior and exterior structural steelwork, concrete columns and building services, they also contribute to a building’s aesthetics and style.

The combination of aesthetics, practicality and decorative design are common features within the wide range of projects undertaken by Peterborough based casing solutions specialist, Encasement Ltd.

Encasement’s column casings range includes ‘Circa’ and ‘Quadra’, manufactured from pre-formed plywood, together with the metal ‘Forma’ range, as well as the ‘Polyma’ and ‘Gypra’ casings, which are moulded from glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and glass reinforced gypsum (GRG) respectively. The range is completed by ‘Metza’, a specialised solution for mezzanine support columns that can provide up to 2 hours fire protection.

Although all Encasement’s column casings are suitable for interior use, its ‘Forma’ and ‘Polyma’ ranges are also widely used for exterior applications due to their inherent weather resistance and durability. Both ranges can also be stacked to reach extended heights.

Available in aluminium or stainless steel, ‘Forma’ offers a diverse range of options and can be specified as circles from 250mm to 1000mm diameter, or in square, rectangular or hexagonal forms, as well as unique bespoke manufactured profiles. The choice of finishes is also wide and includes PPC coatings in any RAL colour, as well as brushed, anodised, embossed and textured options, including Rimex.

Strength, durability and colour choice also feature in the moulded ‘Polyma’ GRP range. This manufacturing method allows a high degree of design flexibility with the shape; size and colour all open to specification to meet both standard profile options or bespoke project requirements.

Projects, such as Winchester College, Tetrosyl’s head office and Cardiff Bay’s Premier Inn, perfectly illustrate the versatility of Forma and Polyma casings.

However, where casings are needed for interior use only, Encasement’s pre-formed plywood  ‘Circa’ and ‘Quadra’ casings allow circular, square and rectangular profiles to be specified while also providing a wide range of finish options with the most popular being decorative laminated finishes.

In addition to resisting damage, scuffs and scratches, they also provide the specifier with a diverse palette of finishes including plain colours, wood grains and metallics, as well as textured and real wood veneers. As a result of this versatility, Circa and Quadra are used in almost every building type, including retail, offices, hotel, sports and leisure, as well as the health and education, sectors.

The Dame Kelly Holmes Sports Centre and Farnborough’s Sixth Form College are ideal examples of Quadra projects, whilst among the many Circa installations, Gateshead International Stadium, Liverpool University and Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal are major installations

Encasement’s Managing Director, Martin Taylor, commented:

“Our entire range is configured to provide the widest possible choice and versatility. This allows specifiers to source different specialised casing solutions from a single company, backed by our high levels of expertise and experience. We also have our own contracting arm, which enables us to offer a full supply and install service to support contractors.”