Crittall’s Innervision range of steel-framed glazed internal fixed screens and doors for fire rated applications

Alarmingly, annually in the UK there are around 200 fire-related deaths and some 37,000 house fires. It’s a no brainer ensuring you do all you can to reduce the risk of fire-related incidents in your home.

“More people are fitting fire-rated (FR) doors in their homes as they want to feel safer and be reassured should a fire occur. Along with installing smoke detector alarms, and checking your electrical wiring and appliances are safe, also ensure your home has fire-rated interior doors,” says Russell Ager, managing director at Crittall Windows.

“They can save lives, prevent injury, protect against fire spreading by containing it, and the smoke and toxic gases emitted. An effective barrier against flames, FR doors provide invaluable – potentially life-saving minutes – in the event of a burning room and having to evacuate a property; they help reduce fire damage too.”

Crittall’s InnerVision range of glazed internal fixed screens and doors can now be specified for fire rated applications. The steel-framed system is compliant with BS476 Part 22 providing 30 minutes (FD30) integrity fire resistance.

The enhancement of the leading range of internal screens and doors has been achieved while preserving the unique slender steel profile, which is the hallmark of Crittall products,and now sets InnervisionFR apart from other bulkier fire rated systems. The FR doors and fixed lights seamlessly blend with an almost identical appearance, with the added benefit of peace of mind in the home.

Created to achieve transmission of light throughout a home’s internal living and homeworking spaces, InnervisionFR provides a combination of bespoke and modular options with high performance fire rated glazing and an extensive range of traditional or contemporary hardware.

The system matches Crittall’s Corporate W20 external windows and doors, reflecting the timeless style of a period house or the contemporary feel of on-trend industrial styles. While enhanced acoustic properties effectively keep noise at bay – a welcome attribute for homeowners with an office, work-out room or entertainment zone/cinema.

Available in any RAL or BS colour, InnervisionFR can be supplied as fixed screens, single or double leaf hinged doors, and is hot dip galvanized making it virtually maintenance free.

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