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Tobermore Paving & Walling Advisors help and advise customers who are looking for walling products for their outdoor space– some need walling for practical purposes and some just want it for aesthetic reasons.  If you haven’t considered walling for your outdoor project, check out the various uses a simple garden walling feature serves.

1. Privacy

Garden walling is an effective way of cordoning off your garden or back yard from neighbouring homes and buildings so you can create a private area to relax and entertain. Tobermore Lansdowne and Kingston facing brick ranges and Country Stone Walling are a great solution for separating private spaces as they can be used to build walls up to any height.

2. Retaining sloped land

Sloping areas in a garden can be nice to look at, however, often they are not practical and sometimes even quite dangerous when it comes to garden maintenance. The addition of a retaining wall means that the soil/gravel on a slope can be retained and supported and the top level can be flattened out to create a useable area that can accommodate planting and decorative garden accessories.

Tobermore manufacture Secura Lite Walling which allows for a maximum retained height of 880mm. Secura Lite is a mortar-free, dry building product and is fantastic for DIY enthusiasts as it allows for fast and easy installation. The tumbled, aged finish offers a charming rustic appearance and the combination of three block sizes makes it easy to create curved walls where required.

3. Separating areas

Garden walling is commonly used as a practical measure for separating different areas within an outdoor space. Often walling is used to break up hard and soft landscaping features, for example walling can be used to divide a paved patio from a grass area or to separate steps and paths from planting. Garden Stone Walling is ideal for this purpose as it is faced on both sides and allows for the creation of curved features.

4. Creating raised beds

Walling makes the creation of raised beds possible as it provides a strong and long-lasting surround and thanks to the attractive range of walling products available at Tobermore, and it can further enhance the attractive appearance of raised beds in an outdoor space.

5. Providing seating

Not everyone has the room to accommodate garden furniture in their outdoor space. Walling can be very functional in smaller spaces and can double up as additional seating.

6. Split-level feature areas

Many homeowners create split-level areas in their garden as a way of making more effective use of space and breaking up different zones such as steps, decking areas, raised borders, grassed gardens and play areas for children. Tobermore Secura Lite is ideal for safely sectioning off split-level surfaces whilst also adding aesthetic appeal.

7. Outdoor fire features

The popularity of fire pits and outdoor fireplaces has risen dramatically over the past few years. These cosy features mean you can enjoy your outdoor space all year round and add instant style and character. Consider Tobermore Secura walling products or Country Stone Walling or the charming finishes of our Lansdowne and Kingston when consider your outdoor feature. This hot trend looks set to stay around!

8. Solid base for alternative materials

If you would like a high boundary area without the feeling of being too ‘closed in’, then a combination approach of garden walling and fencing can be used. Tobermore Secura Walling is often used to create a low solid base where fencing is placed on top – this method creates a softer finish whilst still achieving a definitive boundary.

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