Blog: Minimal and modern bathrooms

No longer simply a functional room, a smart modern bathroom is a key priority for many homeowners. Here Andy Cairns, Sanitary Category Manager at Multikwik talks about the essential elements of every modern bathroom, including sanitary systems, flush plates and general aesthetics.

It’s a well-known adage that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, so it’s little surprise that the traditional family bathroom will no longer cut it for the modern homebuyer. Housebuilders are increasingly adding en-suites and additional conveniences into their properties, all of which can put a squeeze on the available floor space.

What’s more, designers are having to pack much more into smaller spaces, as new build homes are often smaller than older properties – and there is even the evolution of ‘micro homes’ and flats to try and solve Britain’s housing crisis.

As such, the space within a bathroom is usually quite restricted. Therefore, good bathroom design and organisation is vital in order to make a small room look larger. And when space is very limited, sticking to straight lines and unfussy interiors is advisable, as it will make the room feel less cluttered.

With this in mind, manufacturers are creating sanitary ware that can fit into more compact areas and also still look great. Wall-hung sanitaryware and concealed cistern frames are growing in popularity and it’s easy to understand why; they are the perfect option for small spaces and in terms of aesthetics they offer the cleanest design lines.

When it comes to deciding which sanitaryware to choose, specifiers like to know that they are working with a reliable sanitary frame to support the ceramics. For example, Multikwik’s sanitary frames are available in heights of 820mm, 985mm and 1120mm and can support loads in excess of 400kg (63st) – making them ideal for a wide variety of bathrooms and WCs. The frames are supplied with a cistern already installed, making installation fast and efficient. If a sanitary frame is not a requirement for the project, an efficient concealed cistern that can cope with high volumes of water, in a compact format, should be chosen.

Although the main design intricacies are behind the scenes, flush plates are an important consideration as they form part of the sanitary ware that end users will come into contact with regularly. Flush plates come in a variety of high-quality designs and are also available in a range of finishes such as glass, stainless steel and plastic, to suit all styles of bathrooms and washroom designs.

Many manufacturers have a dedicated technical support team that can aid in the design phase of a major project, to create the most efficient drainage layout and to ensure any problems that could occur on site are tackled head on.

Undeniably, in today’s competitive market, it has never been more important to make the most of the space available within a bathroom. It can make all the difference to customer satisfaction and even to the sale of a home. Therefore, to learn more on how to save space in the bathroom with the correct specification of sanitary ware, it is recommended that you contact a reputable manufacturer.

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