ALUCOBOND® legno – The look & feel of natural wood

ALUCOBOND®, from 3A Composites GmbH, is pleased to announce ‘ALUCOBOND® legno’ a stunning new wood-effect finish, which not only looks like wood but due to its special coating –which adds a grainy structured feel to the surface – has a texture to mimic the feel of natural wood too.

Part of the company’s new Super Matt surfaces, ALUCOBOND® legno, is a high-quality new generation textured façade panel, which features the company’s stunning new extra matt woodgrain surface, to deliver that authentic and much-in-demand natural wood look.

Taking its inspiration from the oldest construction material in the world, ALUCOBOND® legno brings a warmth and texture to any building type, combining all the qualities of natural wood, but with the durability of ALUCOBOND® aluminium composite panels. The flatness and flexural strength of these lightweight panels – both in large formats and, as narrow slats – means ALUCOBOND® legno panels are also ideal for a wide variety of different façades, whilst the panel’s diverse processing options facilitates the greatest possible architectural scope. Panels can even be folded into complex and multi-dimensional shapes and given a sharp and precise geometry, using routing and folding for even more design possibilities.

Available in five stunning wood-effect finishes; African Zebrano; Aged Oak; European Walnut; Antique Pine and Coco Bolo, ALUCOBOND® legno is resistant to mould, fire, and temperature fluctuations.

Whilst ALUCOBOND® legno embodies all the qualities, character, and tactility of natural wood, the finish is both durable and long-lasting being resistant to weathering, erosion, or corrosion. When used with ALUCOBOND® A2, a non-combustible panel with a mineral-filled core, ALUCOBOND® legno also meets all strict requirements of fire regulations.

With the environment always of concern, recognising the need to be sensitive to it now and in the future, the material is completely recyclable, which is appropriate for a product that embodies the character of a natural product – wood.

Paul Herbert, Sales Manager
07584 680262