A Year On: Revisiting Changes to Part F & Part L

In October 2022, Housebuilder & Developer undertook an Industry Viewfinder reader survey to discover the views of its readership on the important changes to the Building Regulations Part L (Conservation of Fuel and Power) as well as Part F (Ventilation) and the new Part O (Overheating). Revised to provide more energy-efficient new homes as a stepping stone to the upcoming Future Homes Standard, the newly tightened Regs present a range of challenges to housebuilders, highlighted in our 2022 study.

A year on from the original study, we have again canvassed readers, to find out whether things have improved in terms of awareness of the changes brought by the updated Building Regs, current best practice in meeting the new demands, and issues such as the key barriers remaining in achieving compliance, including of course, managing the added cost.

As well as tracking the industry’s successes or otherwise with Parts L & F, we looked at the impact of Part O as it relates to, and potentially conflicts with, compliance with the other standards.

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