A private balcony – from idea to reality

It is no coincidence that “balcony” is now one of the most searched keywords when people are looking for a new home. Estate agents are often told that the apartment they are offering would be perfect, “if only it had a balcony” as Balco Balcony Systems reports

A unique location

The balcony is more popular than ever. For city dwellers, it’s the gateway to the outside world. A unique location that adds an exciting dimension to the home. A place to socialise and celebrate, to exercise or simply relax. The balcony has as many uses as there are people and no two balconies are alike. Unlike any other part of the home, it provides an arena for personal expression, effortlessly bringing the outdoors indoors in a simple and secure way.

An attractive living environment – both inside and out

The balcony is the ideal place to get out in the open air, to feel the sunshine and breathe in fresh air. A place to spend summer evenings or to exercise those green fingers. Urban gardening grows in popularity every year and the balcony is the ideal place for your own little vegetable garden. Few things match the joy and taste of picking fresh herbs to add to cooking or picking fresh fruit ready to eat.

Many people now understand the benefit of natural light in the home. In addition to the obvious energy savings from less lighting, it has a positive affect on mood, alertness and general well-being. However, fewer people realise the positive effect that a balcony has on the entire apartment. The natural place to site a balcony is usually in place of a window, this means that the area of glass is increased. This, when used in conjunction with bright, reflective surfaces and well considered colour schemes dramatically increases the natural light inside the whole apartment.

Aesthetics and function

The installation of a balcony onto a property is a fairly large project. But with the right knowledge, equipment and a well thought through brief a good supplier can build balconies on most houses. A balcony is high on the wish list of most apartment dwellers. Those people who already have one cannot envisage life without it. And those who do not have a balcony often feel that something is missing. When designing a balcony it is important to take into account both architecture and functionality. Usually, the aim is to preserve the spirit and identity of the building while also creating a contemporary and functional solution. Proceeding with caution however, should not mean limiting choice.


When specifying a balcony, it is important to think about how your client needs things to work. Do they need a balcony that can open fully? From floor to ceiling? Or is the ability to shut out wind and rain the most attractive feature? Do the windows need to be cleanable from inside? Answering these few questions will make choosing the supplier easier.

Drainage and ventilation

Features such as drainage and ventilation are important to consider when choosing a supplier. Drainage is perhaps not the first thing you think of when it comes to a covered balcony, but is certainly one of the most important functions. Not only does it take water safely away, the right choice of drainage keeps the parapet looking fresh longer. Well thought out drainage avoids rain streaks on windows and dirty water on the facade. A ventilation system that ensures that the balcony’s air flow is unaffected by the glazing is of great importance. A built-in ventilation system reduces condensation and safeguards the building’s existing ventilation system.

Specifying a balcony supplier

An experienced balcony provider will obviously make the process significantly easier. The task of any supplier is to make your designs and ideas become reality in a safe, compliant way. List what features your client requires and ensure that the resulting specification delivers this. This way the best and most cost-effective balcony solution can be delivered. Be sure to specify a provider that can deliver a sustainable functional solution with the features and benefits that your customer wants – let your ideas become reality!