#25: Specialist Membranes for Passivhaus Design

Getting a building fabric’s design up to the demands of a Passivhaus is all about meticulous attention to detail. However achieving an air-tight but breathable envelope that benefits both the occupants and the building need not be overly complicated – even in high-rises. James and Iain of Proctor explain all the ins and outs to James Parker.

#24: Improving Indoor Air Quality in Social Housing

In this episode of Building Insights, which is again sponsored by AkzoNobel, Laura Shadwell from netMAGmedia speaks to Duncan Lochhead, commercial sustainability manager at AkzoNobel. They explore how important air quality and VOCs are in the social housing sector, and best practice tips for specifying the increasing ranges of low-VOC paints.

#23: Sustainability in the Built Environment

Rita Singh is head of public affairs at Kingspan Insulation. She’s also a passionate advocate for sustainability and is key to the company’s efforts to roll out greener approaches across the organisation. She discusses with James Parker how a fabric first approach works in practice, why retrofit first should be the overriding aim, and how supply chain rigour is creating better products.

#22: Sustainable Design – Liveable Homes with Fabric First Design

This episode of Building Insights, in association with Samsung Climate Solutions, we are joined by architectural designer and TV star Charlie Luxton, who looks at how our lower energy house designs will naturally be better places to live, and tackles head on some of the common myths about their ‘liveability.’

#21: Is the Industry Weathering the Economic Storms of 2023?

In this episode of Building Insights, James Parker hears from Jeremy Gray, head of policy and public affairs at the Federation of Master Builders on the FMB’s new industry survey findings, and how firms are negotiating tough times. He shares some stark truths about the realities of construction for SMEs in 2023, as RMI joins the housebuilding and commercial sectors’ downward trajectory.

#20: Marchini Curran Associates Practice Profile

James Parker speaks to Kevin Smith, director at Nottingham-based architectural practice Marchini Curran, and finds out how this versatile studio has gone from strength to strength in challenging times, following a management buy out.

#19: Specialist Membranes for Facade & High Rise Building Design

James Parker, editor of Architects’ Datafile magazine discusses specialist membranes for high rise building design with James Johnston, Head of Facades at A.Proctor Group and Will Jones, Business Development Manager at A.Proctor Group. The in-depth discussion looks at why we need air-tight high-rises, how specifying the right membrane is key to fire safety, and how the performance gap can be avoided.

#18 Key Considerations when Designing Leisure Settings

In this episode, brought to you in association with AkzoNobel, James Parker, editor of Architects’ Datafile magazine speaks to Lee Crossland, National Sector Manager for Leisure at Dulux Decorator Centre, Lee paints a picture of how his career managing paint stores has helped him in his current role tackling wider leisure sector challenges for Dulux.

#17: Change of Legislation in the Building Industry

James Parker, managing editor of Architects’ Datafile, speaks to Jon Ducker, head of regulatory affairs at Kingspan Insulation. He reviews the recent changes in legislation covering building performance, and how they have positively affected the industry. He also offers some predictions around what may be contained in the forthcoming Future Buildings Standard.

#16: Future Homes Standard & The Decarbonisation of Homes

Brought to you in association with Samsung Climate Solutions, this episode features TV architectural designer Charlie Luxton, who’s an ambassador for Samsung and a strong advocate for levering sustainability in our residential designs. He gives some frank opinions on what is urgently needed in the industry now to drive uptake of heat pumps, given our daunting environmental challenges.

#15: Specialist Membrane Solutions for Offsite & Modular Construction

Our first Building Insights in association with the A.Proctor Group features Will Jones, Head of Business Development & Adam Salt, Business Development Manager for modular and offsite at the Group. They speak to James Parker, managing editor of Architects Datafile and Housebuilder and Developer, about the keys to correct specification of high performance membranes in offsite construction.

#14: Improving Colour & Design in Social Housing

In our fourth episode of Building Insights sponsored by AkzoNobel, netMAGmedia’s Laura Shadwell speaks to Dawn Scott, senior colour designer at Dulux Trade. She reveals their new Colour of the Year, explaining how they decided on it and how it can be used to improve living spaces.

#13: Innovation in Insulation

James Parker speaks to Alistair Lambie, Head of Sales (North) for Kingspan Insulation, about how the industry is developing innovative new types of insulation for a diverse range of customer needs, across different sectors.

#12: Improving Sustainability in Social Housing

The third episode of Building Insights sponsored by AkzoNobel takes an in-depth look at how sustainability and wellness can be positively impacted by the right choice of paints and finishes in social housing projects. James Parker, managing editor at netMAGmedia speaks to Peter Howard, sustainability and CSR lead at AkzoNobel, about how paint formulation is continuing to innovate to meet sustainability goals, and can even benefit tenants’ wellbeing.

#11: Key Considerations when Designing Education Spaces

This is the second instalment of a series of podcasts from Building Insights, brought to you in association with AzkoNobel. In this episode, Jayne Roughan, National Sector Manager Education & Retail at AkzoNobel (Dulux Trade Paints) discusses key considerations when designing education spaces with James Parker, managing editor at netMAGmedia. She gives her experience from supporting school clients in projects about how colour, space and light can be carefully specified to help provide the effective and inspiring learning environments of the future.

#10: Key Considerations when Designing for Dementia Patients

This episode of Building Insights is the first of a series of podcasts in partnership with Dulux, in which we interview a range of specialists about how colour can be judiciously applied to benefit building users. The first episode looks at the particular needs of dementia sufferers when it comes to interior design, and how a careful approach to colour can help people continue to maintain safe and enjoyable lives.

#9: The Road to Zero Carbon (2030-2050)

Architect Bill Dunster OBE is a leading light in sustainable design globally, having pioneered several zero carbon developments in the UK since the 1990s, including the Stirling Prize-shortlisted BedZed residential scheme in south London.

#8: Fire Safety & Project Accountability post-Building Safety Act

In this episode, Nigel Ostime, partner at Hawkins/Brown architects, discusses the impact of the recent Building Safety Act, introduced to bring a range of improvements in building procurement to help ensure greater safety in future.


#7: How to Build a Low Carbon Home

In the seventh edition of Building Insights, and the first to feature a self-builder, editor of Selfbuilder and Homemaker magazine James Parker speaks to Diane Newbery, who has two projects under her belt, both challenging but for different reasons.

#6: Are SuDS Finally Becoming Mainstream?

With Government ratcheting up the focus on SuDS as a key method of future-proofing new housing developments against flooding, we spoke to a passionate SuDS advocate, landscape architect Sue Illman. As well as sharing practical approaches, she gave her thoughts on our Industry Viewfinder survey findings.


#5: What are the Components of a Healthy Home?

In this episode, Jack Wooler, deputy editor of Housing, Management & Maintenance magazine, speaks to Jack Dangerfield of the Town and Country Planning Association, or TCPA, about the omission of legislation around the health of a home, as well as the state of planning in the UK as a whole at present.

#4: Sustainability & Wellness in Commercial Buildings

In the fourth instalment of Building Insights, architect Alina White of Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios speaks to the managing editor of ADF, James Parker, about sustainability and wellness in commercial buildings, and ADFs recent survey of architects on Sustainability and Wellness in Commercial Buildings.


#3: The Future of Tall Building Design

In the third episode of Building Insights, Antony Wood, executive director of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), speaks to the managing editor of Architects’ Datafile, James Parker, about the future of tall building design. As Architects Datafile’s recent survey of architects showed, the emphasis is shifting to more attractive, more sustainable mixed use buildings – which offer spatial qualities not seen before in dense city clusters.

#2: Delivering the Future Homes Standard

In the second instalment of Building Insights, Dr Gavin Dunn of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers speaks to the managing editor of Housebuilder & Developer, James Parker, about how the Future Homes Standard (FHS) can be delivered. He also discusses some of the findings of our HBD White Paper survey report on how the industry percives the FHS and its introduction. Thanks to our sponsors WMS, Recticel, Epic Insulation, LG, Schock and Mitsubishi Electric.

#1: What does it take to go Passivhaus?

Sarah Lewis, architect and research and policy director at the Passivhaus Trust, gives netMAGmedia’s managing editor James Parker some clear, candid and revealing insights into what it takes to ‘go Passivhaus,’ with an infectious enthusiasm for achieving success in this demanding area. She also tackles some of the findings of our ADF White Paper survey report on Passivhaus, which should provide some further revelations for any architects interested in this area. Thanks to our sponsors, Schöck and Lamilux.

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