Boost accessibility in your buildings

When looking for a new access control system, we understand that you need a system that works for a broad range of resident needs. But how can you ensure that building entry is easy and intuitive for tenants, while making... View Article

Home extension reaches Finish Line

A striking home extension is one of the first to be clad in an exclusive product from James Latham. Utilising the Finish Line Collection, a high performing timber cladding developed by Lathams with Accoya Timber, timber engineering company Dresser Mouldings... View Article

West Fraser’s carbon negativity made simple!

West Fraser’s panel products are net carbon negative!  This means the company’s activities go beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions to actually create an environmental benefit by locking up carbon within the panel product range thus not releasing it into the atmosphere. West... View Article

A trio of fire rated systems

Following rigorous testing, Komfort Partitioning is excited to introduce Polar 35FR and Polar 101FR, their enhanced single and double glazed Polar fire rated partitioning systems. Their new enhanced Polar fire rated partitioning systems complement their fire screens and fire rated... View Article

How convenient are public conveniences?

Public toilets have long held a certain notoriety. Originally designed for convenience to provide comfort outside of the home, today’s reality is very different. Far from offering “amenities” and “comfort breaks”, they are often unhygienic, uninspiring and unappealing – the... View Article

Click your way to a perfect roof with Lindab Coverline

Pre-formed sheets of coated HBP steel simply click together to achieve the standing seam look without specialist equipment, reducing installation time without compromising quality or finish. Timeless roof in no time at all The inspiration for Coverline SRP25N is taken... View Article

The future is JUWO Evolved SmartWall™

JUWO Evolved Smartwall™  is an innovative monolithic clay block system using thin joint adhesive technology, providing a structural, ecological and sustainable solution for all residential and commercial developments. Meeting thermal requirements from building regulations to Passivhaus, from 0.28 U Value... View Article

Preventing the spread of fire in basements

As Winston Churchill famously quoted “It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see”. Whilst it would be wonderful to have future insight into the world of architecture, basement design and construction, it’s... View Article

Roof fire safety guide launched by TN International

TN International’s new roof fire safety guide advises specifiers and building owners. A comprehensive specifier’s guide to fire safety standards in flat roofing has been launched by waterproofing specialists TN International (TNi). TNi’s guide, which also advises building owners, looks... View Article

Sto acoustic system helps restore historic London art gallery

The acoustic performance of a major London landmark building was upgraded using the StoSilent Distance acoustic system. Hayward Gallery at London’s Southbank Centre underwent a complete refurbishment, and the StoSilent Distance system helped create a new and dramatically improved acoustic environment for... View Article