5 genius ways shipping containers are used every day

If you think shipping containers are only used for imports and exports around the world, it’s time to think again. While shipping containers play a vital role transporting the products that we enjoy every day, they can also be used in a huge variety of clever ways.

Just take a glance around your local area! You’ll find shipping containers are used at pop up events, in office blocks and construction sites or even as iconic decoration and design.

Cleveland containers, a UK leading manufacturer of bespoke shipping containers, is here to explain 5 genius ways they are used around the world…

1. Pop up food and drink

Whether it’s a street food event, a large music festival or your favourite new “niche” restaurant, shipping containers are widely used in catering and hospitality.  Original looking, highly customisable and easy to assemble and transport, are just a few of the reasons why shipping containers are so widely used in the industry.

Containers can be easily customised. You might want to add a bar, partition walls and an electric supply to your container café too…it’s all possible!

2. Home or home away from home?  

Yes, you read that right; shipping containers have been used for temporary and permanent accommodation all around the world. Their basic, boxy and customisable structure means they serve as a great house or even holiday home, you can even stack units on top of each other for larger living spaces.

In fact, shipping containers are so popular, there are even towns and cities around the world ,ade specifically from them.

3. The ideal office space

Renting safe and secure office space that is also affordable is hard to come by.  That’s why shipping containers can be the perfect solution. Shipping containers are flexible enough to grow with your business and robust and insulated enough to cope with the elements all year round.

Shipping containers are also an ideal solution if you just need a temporary office space, for example on a construction site.

4. Shelter and storage

With their insulted, robust and secure design, shipping containers make the ideal space for long and short-term storage. Protect any perishable products from the elements and keep anything valuable as secure as possible.

You can also use shipping containers as a robust smoking shelter or changing rooms for your temporary or permanent staff – perfect for protecting against the elements on a construction site.

5. Architecture and decoration

Shipping containers aren’t just used for practical purposes, they are also continually used for decoration or iconic architecture. Take a look around your local town or city, you might be surprised how widely used they are for adding original decoration to bars, restaurants, galleries or even a centre piece in your town square.